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Care Transition Program

Care Transition Program

Our Care Transition Program ensures the right level of care at the right time. Our highly skilled clinicians are trained across disciplines, and agencies have Care Transition team members dedicated to communication and the coordination of care.

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Uncoordinated medical care for patients with chronic illnesses costs nearly $88,000 per person.* Our Care Transition Program focuses on the continuum of care for patients for improved outcomes and cost reduction. Care coordination ensures patients receive the clinical excellence and the support they need while remaining at home, reducing hospital readmissions, and providing support for their family/caregivers.

Whether home health, palliative care, or hospice care is needed, we offer seamless transition between levels of care at just the right time.

Our Care Transition Program focuses on a full continuum of care to ensure patients receive the appropriate level of care when they choose it. Our program always honors the patient’s and family’s choice of provider, even if it is not a Kindred at Home provider.

*Costliest 1 Percent of Patients Account For 21 Percent of U.S. Health Spending, Kaiser Health News, 2013