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Making a Hospice Referral

Making a Hospice Referral

Referring to hospice is the right thing to do for patients with a terminal prognosis. It is not an easy conversation, but it is one that should be had with the patient and caregiver.

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When you know a person who you believe is appropriate for hospice services, one of our Hospice Care Consultants is available to meet with the patient and family to discuss hospice. To begin that conversation contact our hospice agency near you.

We evaluate the patient, the prognosis, the family situation, and any other contributing factors in order to develop a custom Hospice Plan of Care. We also recognize the importance of the primary care physician’s relationship with the patient and family, and work closely to ensure your patient’s every need is addressed.

Our Interdisciplinary Team, which includes our Hospice Medical Director, can involve the patient’s primary care physician (PCP) in decisions made about the patient’s care. The PCP may be as involved in the patient’s care as they and the patient wish.

If you have questions about the referral process or how our Interdisciplinary Team functions, please contact our hospice agency near you and ask to speak with either a Hospice Care Consultant or the Director of Operations.